Evolution of my battlestations

Evolution of my battlestations

In this post, I am going to walk through all my battlestations over the years. It is interesting to see the evolution of computer setups (if you are a nerd). I reached a point where there really isn’t much else for me to change. I intend to get the next Intel processor (Kaby Lake) along with a pascal GPU. The monitors however, will stay for the foreseeable future.

Now, let’s look at where it all started.

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Enhanced For Loop to Accept and Print Elements in a Double Array

I wrote this program to accept and print elements in a double array using enhanced for loop.

Copy the code and paste it into a new java class in Eclipse (or your IDE of choice) and run it to see how it works.There may be much better ways to do this, but I am just a novice programmer, and this what I came up with.


For more information on 2D arrays, visit this link –

Willamette CS231

A New Goal

I wanted to gain proficiency in programming for a while now. I have tried and failed at this goal multiple times over the last five years. I’ve made sincere attempts, but there was always something that hindered my progress, and of all the reasons, there was only one reason that was halfway valid. The rest are all my fault. All of those failures have a common root cause – my lack of focus; and the solution to this problem might be minimalism.

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Buying our first home

We closed on our first home on Friday December 18, 2015. The final price of the home was $167,700. We made a 20% down payment, and paid an additional $1257.77 towards the closing cost. The process was easier than I had anticipated, and we found just the kind of house we wanted.

I decided to document the timeline of events. The following is our story about finding and buying our first home. 

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The first time I ascended

Disclaimer – Those that are not aware of the PC Master Race subculture might find some of the terms confusing. I must remind you that the following post has a lot of context that I haven’t talked about. I am in no way suggesting that I am a superior person because of my preference towards certain forms of electronics over certain other forms. The terms “glorious”, “ascended”, “peasant” etc., if and when used, are used in jest…for the most part. Please don’t waste your energy getting offended.

In this post, I am going to talk about the first time I built a gaming machine from the ground up. It was a great and scary experience leading up to it. I tinkered with my existing machine several times, but I never built a machine with all new parts. I had the luxury of having someone else build it for me at the local computer store. Those are a thing of the past, and I realized, if I wanted a new computer, I had to learn to build one myself.

Some might say I had ascended already because I was gaming on the PC, but to me, real ascension happens when you build your own PC. The following is my story.

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To pay off the house or not pay off the house, that is the question.

I am in a very fortunate situation of having enough cash reserves to pay off the house this instant. Of course, if I were to do that, I will have very little cash on hand. I will still not be penniless, because I still have my very modest retirement fund, but that’s not something I can rely on for my immediate needs.

I currently owe $132,504.02 on the house to Wells Fargo, at the rate of 3% for a 15 year term. All things considered, I got an extremely good deal. It would have been better had I purchased a house in the middle of 2015, when the interest rates were as low as 2.875% for a 15 year term, but the house I ended up purchasing wasn’t on the market at the time. I have absolutely no regrets about waiting, because I found the perfect house.

I have been anti-debt for a very long time. I never believed that debt is the way to succeed in life. I still don’t.

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First post

I started this blog with the intention of sharing my ideas on how to be a minimalist, and how to be a PC gamer, while being a minimalist. I am no expert, but I think my experience is worth sharing. We will see how this turns out. If the mistakes I made (which I intend to talk about) and my experiences can help someone, that would make my day.